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' Or, ' No, this just can't be' - the denial of it.

The fashion house's Dior Cruise 2018 collection runway show spun its own twist on music festival fashion, with 'Dior Sauvage' drawing inspiration from the scenic landscapes of Los Angeles.

For the latter, he won the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor and was nominated for the Golden Globe, Critics' Choice Award, SAG Award, and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

He was given the Best Actor award for his performance.

If you watched, Academy Award Winning movie Slum Dog Millionaire, you will be the familiar with the name Freida Pinto and Dev Patel.

Dev and Frieda recently hit the news when they broke up in 2014 both the recently again got the news when she finally revealed the reason for their split.

It's India's way of trying to brush off colonialism and make it what it originally was, but unfortunately for me I called it Bombay for 16 years, and I think that's a long time in a 26-year-old's life to automatically start calling it Mumbai.

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