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She was raised in Los Angeles, CA where she was a producer in the advertising industry.

She returned to San Elizario in 2010 with a commitment to work towards improving, protecting and promoting her special hometown.

Shoot, she certainly has.[Read what she said after the jump.]2. And don't let anything or anyone tell you that you can't.

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I'm much more secure in myself than many girls in their 20s." I'm happy they've found love, but how are "girls in their 20s" supposed to be secure when guys in our dating pool would rather marry someone more than 40 years older than us?

And she used to walk down the street with a Cheetah on a leesh! I love all the messages I am getting for you, it makes me smile, it brings me joy.

Entertainers are born to entertain so whether you have nice things to say about me or negative things, just the fact that you know who I am, gives me the hope and strength that you will watch me in film.7.

She's not exactly at the level or Ryan Jenkins, but maybe, just maybe, it's time for VH1 to re-evaluate its reality TV shows and how it screens - or, clearly, fails to screen - its contestants.

Regular meetings of the City of San Elizario Council are held on the first and fourth Tuesday of each month at pm at Council Chambers, located at 12710 Church St.

In addition to her Mayoral duties, she is Director of Account Planning at Ghostlight Creative in El Paso.

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