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all right, I shoplifted the pooty." Did Rod Tidwell back down after Maguire came clean? Not only that, it's at the age of 30 that a woman's fertility starts to noticeably drop!

" Gentlemen, when a women is over the age of 30 and wants to get married and have children and you don't... When I was in my 30s I thought I'd be able to get pregnant until I was 46.

Had I had any self-esteem I would've left years earlier. I was eager to believe what I heard, rather than what I saw. And while you'll miss the warm space she provided in your bed, you'll feel worthy of so much more than a placeholder until the right lady, or, in the words of Rod Tidwell, until the "kwan" comes along.

The self-esteem came after he left and I was able to pick myself up by the bootstraps (with a wonderful therapist's and 12-step sponsor's help) and move on with my life.

Thomas, a 31-year-old Brooklynite, had recently moved in with his girlfriend, Pamela, when the issue of children suddenly assumed center stage. He also knew that Pamela, who was 26 at the time, wasn’t sure if she wanted to be a mom, and he was fine with that.

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I’ve told a few friends about my personal situation. (“How sad,” she might’ve been thinking, “missing out on motherhood!

This was incredibly stressful news for me, as I'd been dating a man for three years who wasn't And who knows how long it would take that someone else to be ready to get married and have kids?

Maybe they would never be ready to get married and have kids when, if I'd just waited for him a little bit longer, I wouldn't miss the baby train. He'd finally had enough, after five years, of my wheedling, implying, hinting, nagging, threatening, cajoling, bribing -- oh my darlings the list does go on -- in an attempt to get him to marry me and impregnate me with his children. And when you do the selfless, brave, right things you reap the reward of respecting yourself in the morning.

always makes sure her boyfriends know she definitely doesn't plan to become a mom—ever. Even the ones who have said they shared her plans at first have backed out later, and she's ended up wasting her time with people who weren't really compatible with her."I've had four serious boyfriends (on number five now)," she wrote. Or did you miss it because you didn't want to see it?

"When I got together with all of them, they didn't want kids. They either lied to me or changed their mind during the course of the relationship."She has now been dating someone new for two years, and since he's younger than her, she's afraid the same thing will happen and wants to prevent it. The mind-changers: what hints, if any, did you miss or notice too late that they were actually fencesitters all along? I would also stop seeing it as a 'waste.' The first two years of any relationship are always just the beginning of anything long-term. You're going to have to go through a few breakups until you finally find the right match for you.

, I believe it was Rod Tidwell who said it best during a post-game bro-chat with Jerry Maguire. Susan Sarandon did it, after all, so certainly it would be no problem por moi.

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