Aol mail not updating on droid

The last time you heard from AOL, it probably sounded something like this.However, at Inbox Love in Mountain View, AOL’s SVP of Communications, Dave Mc Dowell, made a little noise more attune to the 21st century when reintroducing its former webmail app, Alto, as a mobile one.

Step-by-Step Solution Learn more about setting up email software to view emails in Outlook and Webmail or Message Center.

There are several reasons your email may not be working.

Review the following scenarios and solutions below. ______________________________________________________________________ I can't send or receive email Most issues can be solved by answering a few questions: ______________________________________________________________________ I can view email in Outlook but not in Message Center or Webmail Your Outlook email settings may be setup to automatically remove email from the Verizon server once you download and view email in Outlook.

How email works with one device--An analogy Let's pretend you've got a P. This also means that if you accidentally delete a message on one device, it will disappear from all of them, and only if you have a backup (or can retrieve it from your server's Trash folder) will you have any chance of getting it back.

Solving this problem: First decide what you want...

The exact steps may vary by model, but all the settings can to be found here.

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