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Carole and others were apologizing for their raucous behavior on the way out. Sonja makes a comment about sleeping with Tom and Luann walks out. Ramona is screaming from the moment she gets out of the car. I think she just needs to sow some wild oats first. Bethenny and Carole both feel like Tinsley is just used to being in abusive relationships and for now, that relationship is with Sonja.

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The film left me feeling good, what more could you ask for in a movie?

“When we remet in New York, I was working in events at Chanel, and Keith was in consulting,” says Hillary.

A few years later, the globe-trotters moved to warmer climates and now they call San Francisco home—this is where Keith popped the question.

Beverly Cantello didn’t appreciate being misled — at least, not at first. Cantello was 23 years old and just starting out in her teaching career when a Harvard psychologist named Robert Rosenthal came to her elementary school.

The principal announced that she’d given Rosenthal permission to administer a fancy-sounding new IQ test to the school’s students that spring.

Sonja brings up Dorinda not inviting her to the Berkshires over a year ago. I’m not really recapping this because it’s a bunch of montages of the past, and normal pleasantries mixed in with Ramona and Sonja acting like fools.

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