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My father had just left for a week on a business trip. It was school holidays so I was going to be at home whole week.Aunties in Chennai are quite fat that is gundu and their mulaigal inside the tight bra will be good to watch in pics.So if you like any of the item or thevidiya in the city then you have to choose any one like rich or divorced aunties in chennai.Because it was cold we decided to watch the movie in my parent’s room in bed.I was wearing my boxer only because I would get hot under the blankets and my mother was wearing her was a short nightie and just covered her undies. The movie ended and we were tired so mom said I could sleep next to her because dad wasn’t there and she didn’t want to sleep alone.ये वैभव और उसके दोस्त की बीवी की चुदाई की सच्ची काहानी है. उसका वह एक दोस्त बन गया Mr R( not real name) और वो भी पक्का. वैभव ने उसकी बीवी को बहुत बार गुमसुम देखा जेसे वो अपने पती से खुश नही है. Pheer dheere dheere dono me pyaar kee baatai hone lagee. Wo saham gayee par pheer usne uskee hoto kee dubaara chhummee lee, usne apnee aankhe band kar lee. aik do minute tak wo dono chumaa chaatee karte rahe.

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