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But first, a little reminder about how processes are organised on a typical UNIX system. Each process can create child processes, which will also be able to do so, and so on… You can try it if you have a Linux system nearby, actually: open a terminal with an interactive shell in it (let’s say, typical recently (which is why I’m writing this article now), because someone tried to convince me that killing a process meant killing all its children (which would be barbaric, right? Gilles gave me quite an interesting answer, so let’s see about that. You'll find out I'm quite the passionate guy in my field, yet I hope you'll like it as much as I do!

These are configured by the system administration, using $ ./fork This is the parent process (PID: a). (10 seconds...) Child process exiting (PID: b ; PPID: 1)! If you are familiar enough with UNIX/Linux, this will probably seem logical to you. when you open a terminal, a shell (terminal’s child), and execute a process in it (shell’s child)… However, back in the days, terminals were much more… They were connected thanks to a serial line and a modem, which could hang up at any time, putting an end to our user session. the default handler for a Now, if your run this in your terminal and close it, you’ll see your process attached to init, and still running (at least, for…

This instruction will be executed by the parent, since the child exited already. Because of that, we had to make sure that the controlling process in this terminal (basically, the shell) got properly killed along with its children. This way, shutting the terminal down sent a warning to the shell, which could then put an end to all its remaining children processes.

We need to see a document that shows your photo, full name, date of birth, signature and the document's expiry date and full machine readable zone (MRZ - the two lines of letters and numbers at the bottom).

The thttpd process is at about 200 megs size and the system is usually 60% idle.

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