Free sex chat robots


Facebook has revealed a new artificial intelligence robot, which sits in Messenger and chats to people and helps them buy things.The new service, called M, allows Facebook users to ask it questions and get recommendations, and then buy things.

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That’s almost one out of every 10 people–and those are just the ones who would admit to it.” for instance — and the robot will reply with a recommended joint and can even book the restaurant.

It is able to do that better than other competitors because it is helped out by actual people, David Marcus from Facebook told Wired.

These devices will understand and measure your arousal levels, body fluids, your breathing patterns, your body movements.

And it’s accessed by talking to it as people would in anyone else in a chat – asking questions and having them answered, only the person knows almost everything in human knowledge.

These robots have also created a newer branch of robotics: soft robotics.

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