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Security Innovation, Inc., the owner of the NTRU public key cryptography system, made the intellectual property and a sample implementation of NTRUEncrypt available to the public domain in 2017 with the goal of enabling more widespread adoption of this superior cryptographic technology.

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The basic idea of both attacks relies on decreasing the dimension of the NTRU lattice using the multiplication matrix by the norm (resp.

An overview of additional information can be found here NTRU is a lattice-based public key cryptosystem from Security Innovation and the leading alternative to RSA and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) due to its higher performance and resistance to attacks from quantum computers.

NTRU was developed in 1996 as a visionary solution to cyber security challenges for the twenty-first century.

NTRU is a lattice-based post-quantum encryption algorithm owned by Security Innovation.

Our implementation of the ntru plugin has been derived from the ntru-crypto C source code made available by Security Innovations under the GNU GPLv2 open source license.

Updated 2003/06 to reflect slight improvements in the running times, and to extend the analysis from binary keys to "product form" keys.

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