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This is Ayase’s first TV drama since starring in NHK’s taiga drama ‘Yae no Sakura’.

The drama will be airing every Wednesdays 10 pm timeslot starting October.

When the socially awkward office worker Kie (Ayase) first comes across Mitsumasa (Takumi Saito) – heir to the company she works at and the aristocratic Kodai family’s eldest son, who has secretly inherited the mind-reading power of his British grandmother (Charlotte Kate Fox) – she develops all types of wacky fantasies, without realising that those very silly thoughts have already won over the telepathic Mitsumasa.

After the pair start dating, the inarticulate Kie is shocked that Mitsumasa understands her every move, and her whimsical mind also becomes a source of amusement for Mitsumasa’s younger sister (Kiko Mizuhara) and brother (Shotaro Mamiya).

Ayase will be playing a plain OL named Aoishi Hanae, set to turn 30.

She works for a general trading company and has never taken a day off or been late for work.

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