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In South Africa, where four out of ten women say their first sexual experience was rape, the polygamous president, Jacob Zuma, believes “you cannot just leave a woman if she is ready.” To deny such a woman sex, would be “tantamount to rape”, he told the judge in his 2006 rape trial (he was acquitted).

In America, where an average of 232 rapes are reported to the police every day, such views would attract instant condemnation.

The seriousness of an Aries when sex is in question is something that gives Sagittarius a strong impulse to make a joke.

These are two Fire signs, both very passionate, each one in their own way.

Do time, location or the parties’ sexual histories play any role?

Views and laws vary hugely between countries and cultures.

But rape is controversial there too: in an argument about abortions for rape victims, Todd Akin, a Missouri Republican, spoke of “legitimate” rape (which critics took to mean that he thought some rapes were bogus).

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The federal code refers to “aggravated sexual abuse”; rape definitions vary by state, for example on whether force must have been used.It's a huge societal issue that we have to deal with.” Officials said most murders occurred indoors, in urban areas, and involved people who knew each other.The statistics also showed 142.2 sexual offences per day over the last year.Pat Mc Crory voiced concerns about a bill to allow magistrates to opt out of performing marriages and said he won't sign it.He stopped short, however, of saying he would veto it.You have to understand that Sagittarius really only cares about their opinions, convictions and moral value.

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