Who is rico blanco dating


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This is in harmony with the album’s sound, as we find out when we start spinning the disc.

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Rico Blanco is also a stage, film, and television actor.

His songs and performances gained success and critical acclaim, earning himself a reputation of being one of the most respected music icons in the Philippines.

He is widely considered as one of the best songwriters in the country.

The latter track features some brilliant lines; Rico sings about a coming heartbreak thus: As the lines are sung, “‘Wag mo namang derechuhin / Patalim / Na alam kong parating,” the notes stop and start with a meaningful beat, reflecting the rhythm of impending pain and sorrow being negotiated by the persona.

Another track, Walang Basagan (Don’t Burst My Bubble), possesses a much different attitude.

Not a single English song in this one, yet did not diminish any of its appeal to the listeners.

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