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I wonder what conceivable rating would be given to a film made of Ben Jonson’s 17 (2013-present), which appears on the Discovery Channel and purports to show nude men and women surviving mostly on what they find in the wilderness, forest or jungle. Because in seeking to educate the public about certain cultures, these individuals are being regarded as objects, too – or animals without shame or modesty.

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If any of this were true, why would so many marriages -- and affairs for that matter -- end in painful, broken relationships? Teen pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and broken hearts have climbed to epidemic levels. Remember, with relationships, making the right choices takes courage and strength. Don't think you have to follow the "pack" and have sex before marriage. Don't think you have to choose abortion if you have an unplanned pregnancy. Best of all, you'll begin to understand and experience the real, long-lasting peace and joy that only TRUE LOVE brings.

The effect of the 10-week investigation was shocking, said Guyt.“We were swamped by men looking for contact, looking for sexual activities with us,” he said.

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Make friends with kind, charitable, virtuous people. These friends will be there to support you when you need them and they'll inspire you to make great achievements in life. People are filling their minds with sexual images and lusty stories everyday.

You'll know you've met someone like this because they almost always show they really care about others in both word and deed. Sexual images and inuendos are used just about everywhere to "entertain" and sell products. Is the true meaning of love degraded and lost when producers, publishers and marketers exploit our sex drive (or our desire for a loving relationship) so they can make larger profits and have bigger audiences?

Do you want to have a great relationship and lasting love? If so, it's important to begin preparing yourself right now.

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