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Talent is one of the gifts of a Grand Trine and often takes the form of untapped creative potential.

Every good astrologer also knows that while this is all fine and dandy, Grand Trines can also be notoriously lazy because all the ease that is generated often causes the potential of the energy to go unnoticed or be ignored due to lack of awareness.

One of the more benefic configurations is the Grand Trine which consists of three planets and/or Chiron which form a 120º angular relationship to one another.

The energy inherent within this relationship is constant and open with an easy or effortless flow.

When you’ve finished having sex, do you sometimes feel like you could have done more for her? Have you ever heard rumors of men who could have marathon sex for hours and hours, including having multiple, body-shaking orgasms…

Although we were very much in love, there were some things I just didn’t understand about how to create super-successful relationships…and quite frankly, I made some pretty serious mistakes that led to a three year break up.

I won’t bore you with the gory details, but suffice to say that I needed to fix my ignorance about .

You’re beginning to generate the support that’s been missing.

Yet, it’s also a tender time for you internally, as living your highest destiny isn’t yet a done deal.

and wondered how they do it (and if it’s possible for you to learn?

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