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DIA: Ancient Egypt: Educational Programs A selection of cross-curricular lesson plans.In one ambitious 19-part unit, students create a life-sized mummy case from a cardboard box.I had to walk through village areas far from the town centre and many kids would come up to me and speak… So any Arabic they would use with people, would tend to only be that they learned in schools.It was fun to chat to a couple of the kids there, but I definitely noticed a big difference in the women I would see.Both were taken to hospital."This is terrible, just terrible," the employee said, declining to give her name."We don't yet know what happened exactly or what went wrong."Luxor governor Ezzat Saad imposed an immediate ban on all hot air balloon flights in the province as prime minister Hesham Qandeel ordered an investigation into the accident.Siwa is way more peaceful, and even though it's definitely a touristy area (lots of signs in English, and tourist-options like Safaris and day-trips), I didn't feel the kind of pressure of people trying to sell to me I would have elsewhere, even when I ditched my Egyptian attire to be more comfortable, and definitely stood out as a foreigner.

In a hands-on project, students make their own Rosetta Stone. Egypt’s Golden Empire: Lessons Eight lesson plans and accompanying video clips showcase some of the most intriguing and historically significant people, places, and events from Egyptian history.

An Egyptian security official said 19 tourists from Hong Kong, Japan, Britain, France and Hungary had died in the crash.

An employee at the company operating the balloon, Sky Cruise, said the pilot and one tourist survived by jumping out of the basket before it hit the ground.

"I'm just someone who tries to make people laugh," he says, utterly serious. I'm a very average guy watching the news and trying to put it in my perspective.

"The fact that you are in comedy makes you a little bit more likeable.

C., thematic essays, and works of art from Ancient Egypt.

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