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Its goal is to increase retirement savings and reduce poverty among retirees.Funds contributed are considered private property and not available to the state. The law applies to profit and non-profit employers in Illinois if: Illinois employers already offering an employer-sponsored retirement plan are exempt from the new law.To avoid a potential fee cut, firms must field “at least one diverse firm relationship partner, regularly engaged with HP on billing and staffing issues” or “at least one woman and one racially/ethnically diverse attorney, each performing or managing at least 10% of the billable hours worked on HP matters.” The holdback will not go into effect until the second year of HP’s engagement with a firm, giving firms time to comply and HP time to test the program.Companies have increasingly placed emphasis on diversity and inclusion in outside firms—Microsoft Corp.However, they are now failing and will cost taxpayers plenty.Senior Fellow Devon Herrick testified before a congressional committee.

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“But you have to make your clients happy if you want to keep them …so I think people are going to do this and just eventually see it as another cost of doing business,” she said.For firms committed to promoting diversity, HP’s holdback mandate will not be a huge ask, Diolombi said.Designed to impose minimal burdens on employers, the State of Illinois has appointed a seven-member board to oversee the selection of investments and administration. The law mandates employers must: Employees will be automatically enrolled at three percent of pay and can select from a menu of investment options.This eliminates any fiduciary responsibility for employers. They can also adjust their contribution or opt out at any time.While Illinois small businesses are still figuring out the new overtime pay regulations, there’s another new law looming.

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