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Imagine what it felt like to have someone's face phoning me, expecting my entire face (not just my disembodied voice) to pick up the phone? A few weeks ago, I was growing increasingly nervous about an upcoming medical mission trip to Guatemala.

I was used to working in urban, fully-outfitted medical clinics. After, I got to thinking about the things I've read about face to face contact versus online interactions.

If I had a question or doubt about anything (the diagnosis, the best course of action, the best drug choice, the correct drug dose), I could look it up online on either the clinic computer or my extremely slow old phone. There is legitimate concern (and research that supports it) that our online and other technological interactions, such as texting, are negatively impacting our mental and physical well-being and our ability to relate to others.

In Guatemala, I'd be seeing the most deserving, needy patients of my medical career, miles away from the nearest wifi signal. Obviously Face Time doesn't replace true face to face interaction in the presence of a living breathing human being, but if you're miles away it is miles better than texting or messaging. Research shows that face to face time with others increases feelings of empathy, connection and compassion for others - feelings, and brain wiring, we truly can't afford to lose.

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Introverts typically feel drained by social interactions (versus extroverts who are energized by them).

Unless it was a close friend, family member or coaching client calling, I'd usually prefer not to answer if my phone rang, period.

You do not need "coping strategies" or suggestions or other superficial band aids for your pain, you need to understand what limitations about you got you into this situation and to develop the self-awareness and self-knowledge that will get you out of this situation into the life you want to live.""No, this is not as good as you can hope for in your life.

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