Error updating the password file android samba chapter c 6 liquidating distributions


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So - the sole reason I can think of is indeed a bad formatted password - but I can't figure out where the bad formatting should come from since I use the normal base64 algorythm to encode the password. Edit: Something which bugs me: When I run the base encoded strings through base64 it keeps telling me "Invalid Input".

Now - I went ahead and just re-coded the passwords with the use of base64 on the linux machine - but when I run the generated string through the decode function again, base64 keeps telling me "Invalid Input"...

The review took a little as I was waiting for a new firmware.

I’ve now upgraded this S802 Box, and been able to complete a review.

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Fixed the issue of occasional failure while powering off3.

As usual , I’ll start by giving my first impressions, have a look at the user interface and settings, test different king of video files, evaluate Wi-Fi performance, and try to cover most hardware features including Bluetooth, external storage, USB webcam, and so on.

The overall user’s experience, is very similar to Tronsmart Vega S89, but there are some notable differences I’ll go through during the review.

A year later when we declared "alpha", Subversion was already being used by dozens of private developers and shops for real work.

After that, it was two more years of bugfixing and stabilization until we reached 1.0. However, if the client and server versions don't match, certain features may not be available.

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