When did cassie and diddy start dating


“My woman, at the end of the day, you know, she ain’t have a problem with it,” he said. “She had some questions but not, not..know, Casper was there, you know what I'm saying.

Me and Jennifer, we gotta, people gonna be friends, man, people gonna grow, and, you know, any of my exes, they smile and they're happy to see me, you know what I'm saying, and that's all that was about.

In a new interview with Power 105.1 FM radio show, Diddy revealed that his girlfriend Cassie had “some questions” about the reunion. "We are not together, but we are definitely friends," she said.Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s only right that Diddy sends a romantic message to his longtime boo Cassie on social media.By the time Beverly Hills cops arrived, Puff had returned the cell.No crime was committed, but Cassie did file a domestic incident report. He and Cassie have reunited despite last week’s heated exchange.

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