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Detectives investigating the gruesome murder of a woman whose head, leg, and arm were dumped in a recycling bin in Seattle found a 15-inch pruning saw, blood, and bits of flesh in her bathroom, court documents reveal.

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Out of the service, Luke cannot cope with the baggage he carries, along with his wife’s, and decides to seek solace at a strip club.The girls turned the tables on Ford and drugged him and as he was chasing Chelsea up the stairs of the sorority house, he fell down two flights to his death.Morgan and the other girls are now hiding his body in the basement!Morgan Hollingsworth came to Salem as a Salem U student.Stephanie Johnson and Chelsea Brady rushed her sorority and once got in, became fast friends.In his drunken state, Luke doesn’t tip his waitress Michelle (Heather Mc Comb), and she retaliates by stealing his credit card and racking up a bunch of charges.

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