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She said her health is being jeopardized by prison conditions.

“Mohammadi suffers from a serious neurological disease that makes the prison environment extremely dangerous for her.

We worried about how he would approach dictatorships and pursue terrorist cells.

We also wondered why Obama, who benefited from the gains of the civil rights movement, did not speak much about systemic discrimination or the lack of civil and political liberties in many parts of the world, and why democracy and human rights promotion were absent from his rhetoric.

In 2012, when she was in prison for a different sentence related to her activism, authorities determined that she was not capable of serving the sentence due to her health and released her." Philip Luther, Amnesty's Research and Advocacy Director for the Middle East and North Africa, condemned the decision to uphold her sentence following an appeal in September.

“By insisting that this harsh and appalling sentence is imposed for her peaceful human rights work, the authorities have laid bare their intent to silence human rights defenders at all costs.

Unfortunately, women seem to be grossly affected by the views of Iranian authorities, something — along with LGBTQIA issues and cybersecurity — Kya addresses in his work, specifically his web-based graphic novel Vahid Fazel.

The title of the series translates from Farsi to “sex” or “gender,” and it centers on three main characters: Leila, an activist and entrepreneur in her 30s; Jamshid, an internet security expert; and Shirin, a sexologist.

Saudi guards killed one of the sailors by opening fire on the boats,” Fars quoted a statement published by Iran’s Interior Ministry.“Those detained fishermen should be freed ...

“Narges Mohammadi’s conviction and sentence must be quashed and the authorities must order her immediate and unconditional release.

Iran's revolutionary court has sentenced two poets and a filmmaker to a total of 26 1/2 years in prison and 421 lashes.

compensation should be paid for the one killed and those involved in the irresponsible act should be punished.”Riyadh has said the vessel, seized last Friday, was carrying explosives and those captured intended to conduct a “terrorist act” in Saudi territorial waters.

The Iranian interior ministry statement denied the Saudi claim, saying the three fishing boats had legal documents and departed Iran’s southern port of Bushehr for fishing but lost their way.“Shooting at fishing boats is against the humanitarian and Islamic norms,” it said.“One group of the fishermen could steer their boat back onto the main course, but the two other boats were driven towards the shared sea borders with Saudi Arabia, unaware of their situation or unable to control the vessels,” it said.

For the likes of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, this presidency is a threat.

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