Sexy chat in yahoo requests


there wasn't much information pertaining to my problem, or any kind of support for that matter.

my sole option, after spending all of that time searching for an answer, was to send a generic form to technical support.

It’s September 2011, and I’m sitting on the edge of my bed. Where we find it’s more awkward to say “no” than to lie there like a dead fish, wondering why your date isn’t picking up on the fact that you’re not kissing back.

Next to me is the guy that I just went on a really successful date with – you know, the kind of awesome where I didn’t try to sneak glances at my phone for entertainment. We want our lack of enthusiasm to be enough – because, hell, it is.

Oldest version for which customer care support is available: 8.0 (as of April 2, 2007) Oldest version that can log in (has not reached end of life): 8.0 (as of September 30, 2009) The last public version of Yahoo!provided for my listening enjoyment, a real human being picked up the line.unfortunately, the girl i spoke with was not only completely clueless (regardless of anything i said, her answer was to go to “help central” and find whatever my problem was there), she was snotty and rude …Neither have I got myself registered with some ) internet connection.In those days, the internet was slowly making its presence felt in India. Because a lot of people – of all genders – have been in this position before.

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