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I just started my new campaign and I'm 2 provinces deep. Im looking for a few new people to play this with, no one i currently no owns the game so getting new players is tough.

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A review of the chat room activity showed that user accessed video and still images of teen girls who appeared to be between the ages of 12 and 16 unclothed and engaged in sexual activity, the warrant said.

-Strategy: I'm not going to be going full sim, no HUD, and all that stuff unless everyone wants to. Anyway, I already added you on UPLAY, I'm c Ha Ka L-PT.

That said, even with it all on, I'm not trying to run away from Apache helicopters all because someone decides to go ****ing Rambo. Again, I don't care who you are, just don't be a ****.

Go on then, go on then Draw for the mash, go on then, go on then Still wanna clash? Go on then [Devilman] Wow, Skepta Ah wah di rass [?

] I never knew you sucked arse You might as well fuck a duck's arse You don't want me to draw for the ting and make a boy run fast Bust your head with a pint glass About yeah I fucked man's arse, you will never last I heard you feel up mans when they're in the bath Skepta makes me laugh I gave him an ounce of skunk and he thought it was a 4 and a half About £50 for a gram, you get £40 for .8 'cause you took a blast About £50 for a gram, you get £40 for .8 'cause you took a blast [Round 2:] [Skepta] See the level I’m on he wants to reach this 'Cause when I touch mic I’m the deepest I’m the strongest, he’s the weakest I’m on the A-list, you’re still struggling to get up on the C-list Chop Devilman into pieces I’m a showerman, you’re a penis And your whole crew stink like faeces Well now check the remix See the level on they wanna be on 'Cause I'm a star and I shine like neon Lyrically gun a man down like Leon And he’s a battyboy So there's a lot of tings we can’t agree on You got a big tune, put me on I’m on a showerman ting, what's he on?

[Round 1] [Devilman] Skepta, you look like you’ve got AIDS You look like you’ve got HIV You look like you’ve got Gonorrhea all around your lips 'Cos you sucked out your mum’s punani You look like you’ve got cancer So clashing me is not the answer So you're better of going back to the strip club Carry on being a lap dancer Yeah, you’re not ready, you black Somalian, you’re not ready Don’t even open your mouth blud Before you say something stupid and you get yourself buried Wow, you’re not ready, you Bangladeshian, you’re not steady You Ethiopian excuse of an emcee You better keep bullshit in your belly Yeah, it’s a 16 ting yeah [Skepta] Ok, Yes man I’m bringing him because I knew he was alright Let’s go, Ok, Skepta I’m not scared of D E velopment D E velopment ain’t in the mafia Not a Tai Omi Ay Wong Sun carrier Devilman wouldn't even jump over the train barrier So how can he be a bad man When he pars with about 25 pricks If I get Texas Chainsaw Massacre You will get Freddy Krueger part 6 And Final Destination part 3 Trust me I'll push your wig back This ain't a fair clash it's a mismatch You see what I did to the other MCs on my diss track How can I clash Devilman? Go on then I got war lyrics in my book, go on then, go on then Kiss my black foot, go on then Yo, signed up to the gym 'cause I heard man are looking for me and my mates After I’m done with pumping the weights I'm gonna buy a stab-proof vest and put in the plates I got so many stars and stripes I might buy a new house in the states Every compliment my head inflates I roll deep but I don’t wear skates And I don’t like him, or his friend Don’t make me have to bore his friend Go on then, bring around 2 of your friends I’ll just bring around 3 of my friends But not no MC friends I’ll bring around a couple unknown guys from my ends You hold mic, they hold leng, and the only spitting they do is phlegm So what d'you mean, what d'you mean you fool?

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