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Foster added, “Talent doesn’t know race, creed, colour, geography. And you just got to know that there’s a ton of talented people in every nook and cranny of the plane.” Channel News Asia asked Foster about how he got this knack for discovering international talents.

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She spoked about it and said ''that's not true, we're just friends.'' she also said that young singer had been showing some signs that he would like to date her.

Although a consistent top scorer in the final rounds, Charice did not win the title in the finale, only placing third.

Charice made some minor appearances on local television shows and commercials, but essentially fell off the radar after Little Big Star.

One local showbiz website noted that the 19-year-old Pempengco now “looks like a butch.” It also repeated the unfounded claim that the personal assistant who accompanies Pempengco in the US “is actually her girlfriend.” In a press conference last Thursday for her upcoming Infinity concert tour, Pempengco said that with her new image, she wanted to be more like Avril Lavigne and Rihanna.

And for those insinuating that she is lesbian, Pempengco said: “This is the look that I want.

and released the international studio album Charice in 2010.

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