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So eat it, or I'll go find your family and tell them you're not cooperating! "Look, Kevin, you can always sign yourself out, AMA (Against Medical Advice) if you want, but it wouldn't be a smart thing to do. I know no one likes to stay in the hospital, but I really think you need to be here. " "Yes, he will, Doctor," came a level female voice from the doorway. I got up from the bed and settled in the padded reclining chair in the corner of the room, pulling the ridiculous hospital gown more tightly around myself.

" She smiled sweetly and stood there, waiting for me to start. My family (minus Trent, thank God) strode into the room. Khan said, either missing, or choosing to ignore the tension in the room. In an instant, my beautiful sister was at my side, tenderly stroking my forehead.

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I walked tiredly into the bathroom and took care of the issue. I turned back to the bathroom mirror and studied the bruising on my face. I never would have graced the cover of GQ, even before this. Well, Gracie still loved me, and that's what counts. "I was trying to be polite when I asked you earlier.

Everyone should be equal in rights and equal in power! Being kept naked, pawed, penetrated and slobbered over by fat, ugly slobs - there can't be anything worse! Cheerleader Cheryl was quite particular about granting access to her yummy athletic physique. It was fascinating how much that revealed when he showed us how to analyse it in class later." Melody wondered about it a bit. " Chapter 3 - Consultation The two men watched the clandestine video of beautiful Bobbi squatting naked in black high heels giving Professor Heinrich a quite skilfull blowjob. His years with Amnesty International before going over to the Dark Side made Professor Gunter Heinrich's advice golden. " They watched as a very expensively dressed, exquisitely coiffed blond stepped out. The once proud co-ed vomited from the deepest pit of her cramped up stomach.

I had just enough written for another chapter, so here it is, with my hopes that you will enjoy. And besides, I wasn't about to get into an MMA bout with my own mother!

I can't tell you all how much I've enjoyed reading your comments and messages. I should be able to write one more before I ship out, so keep your eyes peeled! "To keep whoever used your face for stress relief from doing it again! "And don't feed me any BS about walking into things, either. You're not going to get any better if you keep getting the crap beaten out of you! Not that I was about to admit my own mother was the one who'd done this to me, either.

Most of it was all stuff that I had heard before and lots of it I have talked about on the blog.

Obviously some great advice – try eliminating or cutting way back on dairy; gluten; sugar, ditch commercial products, etc.

Cheryl threw her wad of pamphlets at him, hitting him in the shoulder. " "Give me an electric prod and access to your nuts. " Brandi, Cheryl and Melody shouted abuse after him as he dove into the back of a black stretch limo parked nearby. The three young lovelies whooped and high fived each other. "Professor Heinrich will be delighted to receive these questionnaires. He wrote his Ph D thesis on the psychological effects of torture. One of the conditions of the course was that you had to be the guinea pig in two psychology experiments per semester. "Professor Heinrich says it's important to understand the average person's perceptions so that it can be compared with the reality. The fact that you took your time and did it right made her pretty little eyeballs pop out of her head. "I haff luffly present for you, fuckmeat." This delight had been one of her particularly nauseating suggestions as part of the afore-mentioned disastrous negotiation.

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