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and since we were heading out on a trip soon with our OWN kiddos, I decided to check it out. This book has a really hilarious description of a “Road Trip Survival Kit” full of great ideas of items to pack along with you.

When I downloaded this book and flipped through it, I knew it was a winner!! There are a couple pages full of “Secret Missions” that had me laughing out loud, along with a game involving cows that totally cracked me up!

A Date for Your Road Trip Do any of you have a ROAD TRIP coming up in the near future? This past summer, we relocated to gorgeous Northern Cali for three blissful months - from HOT Vegas. With SO much quality time together, I thought this would be the perfect time to throw together an...

Each summer, we travel to a new location for an internship for him.

We spent over an hour in the gas station restroom while my mom tried to scrub the bubblegum from her eyelashes! Continue Reading // With Labor Day around the corner & families getting ready to HOP in the car for some fun trips, we thought it was high time we shared a fabulous find with all of you!!

Snacks, movies, and good music are all important,...

You’ll be King of the Road with this adorable (and oh so easy! Everyone in the car will get something new to do every hour, plus TONS of great ideas to keep everyone’s spirits high and behavior shining (including your spouse)!

We’ve included games and printables that are perfect for the kiddos, plus ideas for when it’s just the two of you.

We spent over an hour in the gas station restroom while my mom tried to scrub the bubblegum from her eyelashes!

Summer is JUST around the know what that means?! I remember growing up, some of the greatest adventures my family experienced were during our AMAZING road trips!

I still laugh about some of the moments we shared together in the car, including the time my sister's gum fell in her eye while sleeping!

While it’s important to keep the kids entertained, you might find that a little too much screen time in the car makes kids whiny and irritable!

Let them entertain themselves for as long as possible.

Lots of games don’t involve any paper and some even used music or sounds.

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