Rich history dating back

The interdisciplinary competence makes DISTAL a hub in the Italian Agro-Food sector and an important project partner in scientific and industrial research at a European level.Our association brings together specialists from various disciplines who study the issues of vine and wine.Prior to having a building, offenders of village ordinances were detained in a freight car in the depot yards for safe keeping; records show that Constables Cole and Stone locked up a drunk in the railroad freight car on February 12, 1864.

Any proposal of contribution regardless of the discipline is admissible and will be reviewed by the members of the scientific committee.

The large home provided a welcoming place for neighbors and family to get together enjoying the parlor and living room in the cooler months.

These rooms still feature the original fireplace, doors, floors and windows of the original home.

On July 22, 1870, a notation was found that the jail would be one story high, 20 square feet and would have walls two feet thick.

Brodhead became a city in 1891 and the elective officers at that time included two justices of the peace and two constables of the city.

The plush gardens are kept, the same as in the days of ole, providing shade from the hot summer sun, with some of the same mature fruit trees supplying apples, plum, and peaches for a number of breakfast entrées.

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