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After dealing with some life hardships, the brown belt under BTT’s Diego Gamonal decided he would take some time off while using jiu-jitsu to help others.

After 10 years of training, he had witnessed jiu-jitsu working its transformational magic many times. So he decided to leave his day to day life behind for some months and started looking for some place in the world where jiu-jitsu was needed. The idea is to make it an ongoing project to connect places needing jiu-jitsu with people willing to go teach it for free.

For his first mission, Gustavo began asking around in BJJ forums.

At first it looked like he was going to Ethiopia, but the idea failed when the guys in Addis Ababa lost their place to train.

Rick promised his 84-year-old friend he'd try to treat himself better. Dave executes a perfect three-point turn, burning rubber and scattering the guys hawking bootleg System of a Down T-shirts on the median. He talks about eating meat as if he's reintroduced eight balls into his life. When the song ends, he tugs on his beard and reads his notes aloud: "First verse, vocals a hair loud, guitar on right, in verse after chorus, too noisy, feels like dynamics could be better, verse to chorus is good, but verses get a bit old musically on the way, last chorus isn't a big enough of a step-up from the rest of the song, percussion on the last chorus seems a bit thin, cymbals can shush more than hiss." He hits a few buttons, and the file is sent back to the band for further revisions.

Egg whites, a little stevia, and Teeccino for taste." I've heard of one of the ingredients. "I drink seven of these a day, so I'm never hungry. But his health kick didn't start until a scared-straight lunch with one of his heroes, legendary record executive Mo Ostin, who told him he was going to die if he didn't change his ways. I could never catch up on protein." We're at the wrong entrance. His cook makes a turkey chili in which you can't even taste the turkey. We sit on the couch, and Dave appears with glass bottles of water. Every minute or so, he opens them and taps on an i Phone.

Prince Charles hosted a charitable Gala Evening for the benefit of British-Armenian charitable projects, with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, His Holiness Karekin II Catholicos and Supreme Patriarch of All Armenians attending the event. Petersburg performed under the baton of Maestro Valery Gergiev, while Grand Prix winner of XV International Tchaikovsky Competition, July 2015, Mongolian baritone Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar brilliantly sang Tchaikovsky's Yeletsky's aria from Queen of Spades.

Ambassador Sarkissian thanked Prince Charles for his untiring efforts and dedication to both The Saving of Dumfries House and Yerevan My Love projects.

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Lake Sevan and Church Airavank – Airavank Monastery is a 9th-12th century Armenian monastery located just northeast of the village of Hairavank along the southwest shore of Lake Seven in the Gegharkunik Provence of Armenia.

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Gustavo says he hopes his jiu-jitsu can help hist hosts learning something new, but he emphasises their skills are far from being basic.

“These guys are ready for competing in any national level competition in Brazil. More importantly, Gustavo hopes a Brazilian’s presence can help spark more interest in the sport and hopefully attract more practitioners.

He also thanked everyone attending the Gala Evening for their generous donations.

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