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If my prayers were answered quickly, I’d give Jesus a quick spiritual high-five, shout didn’t care about me.

Or, maybe my circumstances weren’t important enough to Him.

But as I grew in my relationship with the Lord and learned to understand His character, my attitude changed.

I realized how much God loves me and knows the desires tucked deep inside my heart.

times when my prayers linger and miracles seem far away. I used to think waiting on God to answer my prayers was like playing a game. Or maybe God would give me what I wanted because He was tired of hearing all my whining and complaining.

Or would I give up first because I was tired of waiting?

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Our vision For the dating site is to have a community feel, where all like minded people can take part in our chats rooms, create your own groups, create a blogs, start interesting topics with in the forum, write about your spiritual experiences & interact with other like minded souls, whilst building long lasting connections.whether you're looking for that special someone just building new friendships or wishing to meet your soulmate.You might be thinking, Maybe you’ve resigned to believing there’s no hope.Sure, you started out confident and faith-filled, but as time goes by you’ve started to wonder if any good can come from your circumstances. I’ve felt that way, too, and it’s a lonely place to live each day.He promises to meet my needs (Philippians ), and His miracles are not a thing of the past.Today’s key verse tells us that after we pray and ask God for a need, want or desire, we should wait with expectancy and hope. For 90 % of the people who will read the status, it doesn’t come near the red territory, which is all they care about. The other possible explanation is severe narcissism, as if somehow, because you’re you, even the smallest details of your life are interesting to others.

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