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Soul Train Music Awards in four categories, including best R&B/soul single, female (“Goodies”) and best R&B/soul or rap new artist. And around that time someone tied a salacious rumor to her — that she was born male but had been altered through surgical means to have the appearance of a female.

This rumor hit our inbox in a number of forms: is false: we found no record of her ever having appeared as a guest on that program at the time this rumor was current.

Over the course of the next three decades, nearly every state passed its own version of that law.Here in Sydney, not only were many LGBTI people who marched on Kings Cross in 1978 sex workers, many non-queer sex workers joined in those protests to support their gay brothers and sisters.” The lines between straight and queer can be blurred in sex work.Cam points out that gay workers might sometimes go “straight for pay” when they’re offered work by someone of the opposite sex.The recent introduction of laws that regulate whether transgender people can use the facilities that align with their gender identities has brought the issue of bathroom sex segregation to the forefront of national conversations.Some have proposed that the solution may lie in gender-neutral facilities, while others worry about what the consequences might be.The first regulation requiring separate toilet facilities for men and women was passed in 1887, when Massachusetts required the establishment of separate privies in businesses.

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