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She was blonde, thin, big-bosomed, and even had a Germanic name.

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There’s still a surprising number of people who have never heard the history of Mildred and Richard Loving, despite its significance in the Civil Rights legacy.

You just don’t see these kinds of movies all that often.

And while it’s much more commonplace to see a black man with a white woman, or Latina woman and black man, or white man and Latina woman, etc etc today, I still feel that movies haven’t really captured these relationships enough.

At a party, David attracts the attention of the white Mavis Norman (Joan Fontaine).

Simultaneously, Margot Seaton (Dorothy Dandridge), a black clerk, enchants a white governor’s aide (John Justin).

She was shy and didn't talk much in what was likely an unfamiliar and perhaps overwhelming African American social setting.

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