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One of the regulars had a pit bull and when I suggested neutering his eyes got wide as if I’d suggested that I wanted to neuter him. It reminded me that neutered dogs can indeed have sex. The previous owner had stated that the dog had been in heat several weeks ago but was out of it now." from "Down and Out"), but his real skill lies in describing unforgiving sex acts in a way that's oddly humorless.Even when describing ecstasy, Cam is the ultimate tough guy.The enjoy ruining your orgasam on cam and making you milk that cock till it is red raw and sore to even touch. When it comes to being dictated to we can understand why mean girls live can be a scary idea, when they start by threatening to expose you and out you to your friends and family, to divuldge your naughty little secrets, or publish your pictures online, these evil bitches can be a scary thought.They thrive on watching you panic,to see the fear in your eyes as they tell you what they are going to do to you.CAM'RONA brilliant lyricist with a knack for raising eyebrows, Killa Cam -- especially in his early 00s heyday -- could throw down with the grossest rappers.

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