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That's not cute.'Xia bested the other contestants on the hit show with her performance, with another child performer also stealing some of the limelight.

Sign up takes less than 1.5 minutes and our platform is incredibly easy to use! Our love for each other has grown daily and after a wonderful summer we have set up home together. You could end up seeing someone really great, or you could end up seeing a Barry Manilow tribute act at your local... Pack a picnic and go for a walk – don’t even look at a map!It’s strange how a smile on a picture on a dating website has led us to where we both are now. Give yourself two hours to walk, talk and enjoy each other’s company before settling down to a picnic in the middle of nowhere.White's Chicago-born husband made a name for himself in the music industry playing with the bands Bad English and Journey.He wrote Journey's mega-hit song "Don't Stop Believin.'" White, who hosts the television show "Paula White Today," which has aired on BET and TBN, shared a message with her Facebook followers celebrating the April 26 wedding.She said: 'For Piers Morgan to say something like that, he's a journalist, he should know his facts first before he commented on something that he doesn't really know the full story.'It's not really fair on us for him to say something like that because as a mother I will never ever put my daughter in a situation where she will be sexualised.'The programme is within the context of a family-oriented show here and it's purely entertainment.'Philipinos love the programme and it's for children.

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