Dating old bamboo fly rods


Hand Signed: "Beans Double L" Handle stamped LL Bean Inc. They can be reached at 860-632-2515 or store0959Please note that the UPS store charges a per-item pickup fee.

If you are unsure about any lots offered in this sale please call for a condition report: 203-630-1400.

The company started making fishing tackle in 1863, and moved to Utica NY in 1905. There are hundreds of models made, and now sell for - 0. This logo is usually stamped into the reel seat, but also appears as a decal. The Double Diamond logo including the banner reading Best by Test was introduced in 1934 and was used until 1939.

The H-I decals featuring a bright red H-I on a white diamond and accompanied by two banners reading Fish Rod and Genuine Tonkin Cane.

It also is selected because of its straightness, and well-spaced nodes.

The bamboo culms are split and shaped into strips of equilateral triangles that taper to precise dimensions. These precise dimensions determine the diameter of the rod when the strips are laminated into a hexagonal, square and sometimes octagonal cross-sections.

Brand names like: Heddon; Creek Chub; South Bend; Pflueger; Shakespeare; Paw Paw; and a large list of others are eagerly sought by collectors.

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