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ZAMBIA TO REMAIN BLESSED-FIRST LADY First lady Esther Lungu says Zambia will continue being a blessed nation if love and unity take centre stage. Lungu says Zambians must continue to love one another and unite, regardless of tribe and ethnicity.

The Judiciary of Zambia says opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s lawyer Gilbert Phiri will not be allowed audience before any court until the Law Association of Zambia disciplines him for posting commentaries on social media.

In December, days after Nassar was arrested, an FBI agent testified at a detention hearing that, during a search of Nassar's Holt property, law enforcement found hard drives, some of which were in a trash can outside the home, that contained at least 37,000 images and videos of child pornography. The plea agreement states that Nassar had the laptop erased and put the hard drives in a trash can "to impede and obstruct" the investigation.

The agent also testified that videos were found that appeared to show Nassar sexually assaulting young girls in a pool. The plea deal includes an agreement that Nassar will register as a sex offender and an agreement that the U. Attorney's Office for the Western District of Michigan will not prosecute him for alleged sexual exploitation or attempted sexual exploitation of children, including an incident in 2015 in his swimming pool. He left the organization in fall 2015 with little notice.

Yes the President went to NY by chartered plane and the decision was made by Cabinet for security reasons.

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reported Nassar will plead guilty to "three charges, including receipt and possession of child porn and destruction and concealment of records."Nassar, 53, downloaded thousands of pornographic images and videos of children beginning in 2004.

And the Chitimukulu has told Kambwili that PF have been organized to beat up Kambwili at the ceremony.

Democracy cannot thrive without press freedom, says Copperbelt MMD information and publicity secretary Peter Phiri.

President Lungu charged that any behaviour with the potential to destabilise the country’s peace will not be tolerated.

Police in Kasama have blocked former Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili and former Copperbelt Province Minister Mwenya Musenga from attending the 2017 Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena tradition ceremony.

We could not however, confirm the cost of hiring the plane as it is being discussed depending on the services that will be rendered but the cost is expected to be much lower than the USD0, 000 being discussed. The President did not travel with the Musicians neither were they paid for by Govt. Musicians and other Zambians that traveled for a USA-Zambians meet the President event traveled by SAA on tickets bought by PF-USA group. The musicians are actually back in the Country and we managed to speak to some of them.

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