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I have worked successfully with kids, teens and adults struggling with a variety of problems including ADHD, addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, pornography addiction, tantrums, trauma as well as individuals desiring to increase their energy levels, performance, improve relationships.You can have a life and relationships that are rewarding.For those who end up in the dating phase of life longer than they planned it becomes one of their greatest trials to endure cheerfully.It is extremely easy to blame all of your dating problems on the opposite gender, but that leads to nothing but bitterness.

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She subsequently had surgery to have her appendix removed, causing her to miss several performances; Edyta Śliwińska stood in for her."We provide effective alternatives for understanding and treating sexual addiction (pornography), eating disorders, substance abuse, and other addictive behaviors.We specialize in educating and providing healthy alternatives to hopeless, frustrated individuals who desire relief and healing from the bonds of unmanageable or uncontrolled behaviors.For this reason, I thoroughly assess the problem and decide if I am able to help. This standard gives my clients and me the confidence to move forward in working together on specific, attainable goals.I blend a personal, caring relationship with scientifically-supported treatments to facilitate healing and growth in body, mind, relationships, and spirit.""I am dedicated to helping individuals and families find the peace and balance in life that we are all seeking.To borrow from the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi and adapt it Almost everyone has a list, some people write them down, others it’s only in their mind.

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