Updating brick exterior

Also, keep in mind that brick seems to soak up some of the pigment in the paint, so often the color on the house looks lighter than the color on the paint chip.Another reason to actually paint a section of the actual bricks with the colors you are considering.

Look at the sample in the morning, mid-day, and afternoon.I’ve got a fun project I’m helping with and want to share it with y’all today! One of my friends from my church and fellow choir member, Andrea, has lived in this 1950’s brick ranch house off the Marietta square for 14 years.She bought it from her mother and has never made it her own.These pictures show the diversity of the Chuck Rader team.The ability to provide you with exterior paint that will immediately change your home and make it look fresh and new again. Advantages of Unpainted Brick Unpainted brick is surprisingly low maintenance.

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