Dating in the south pacific


The event was coordinated like an evening of speed dating.

dating in the south pacific-44dating in the south pacific-77

17 • Kergoat GJ, Toussaint EFA, Capdevielle-Dulac C, Clamens A-L, Ong’amo G, Conlong D, Van den Berg J, Cugala, D, Pallangyo B, Mubenga O, Chipabika G, Ndemah R, Sezonlin M, Bani G, Molo R, Catalayud P-A, Kaiser L, Silvain J-F, Le Ru BP (2015) Integrative taxonomy reveals six new species related to the Mediterranean corn stalk borer 12 • Le Ru BP, Capdevielle-Dulac C, Toussaint EFA, Conlong D, Van den Berg J, Pallangyo B, Ong’amo G, Chipabika G, Molo R, Overholt WA, Cuda JP, Kergoat GJ (2014) Molecular phylogenetics and systematics of 7 • Balke M, Hendrich L., Toussaint EFA, Zhou X, von Rintelen T, de Bruyn M (2013) Suggestions for a molecular biodiversity assessment of South East Asian freshwater invertebrates. 6 • Balke M, Schmidt S, Hausmann A, Toussaint EFA, Bergsten J, Buffington M, Haeuser C, Kroupa A, Riedel A, Polaszek A, Ubaidillah R, Krogmann L, Zwick L, Fikacek M, Hajek J, Michat M, Dietrich C, La Salle J, Mantle B, Ng P (2013) Biodiversity into your hands – A call for a virtual global natural history ‘metacollection’.4 • Toussaint EFA, Sagata K, Surbakti S, Hendrich L, Balke M (2013) Australasian sky islands act as a diversity pump facilitating peripheral speciation and complex reversal from narrow endemic to widespread ecological supertramp.1 • Toussaint EFA, Condamine FL, Kergoat GJ, Capdevielle-Dulac C, Barbut J, Silvain J-F, Le Ru BP (2012) Palaeoenvironmental shifts drove the adaptive radiation of a noctuid stemborer tribe (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Apameini) in the Miocene.Contributions are also invited on applications to new materials, current developments and methodological aspects of ESR, Thermoluminescence and Radioluminescence, and novel Optical Dating techniques such as TT-OSL and PIR-IRSL.The conference will be followed by an optional 3-day field trip that will take participants to the south-east of South Australia for a palaeontological and geological themed visit to the World Heritage Naracoorte Caves fossil sites, the stranded Pleistocene beach ridges and UN Kanawinka Geopark and the world-famous Coonawarra and Limestone Coast wine regions.The intervening years have seen the introduction of ESR and Optical Dating, and their rapid evolution and application to diverse fields in which ionising radiation effects provide either a "clock" or a characterisation tool.

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