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Examples of the need for instant gratification abound.A friend who works at a Williams-Sonoma store was fuming one day recently when a shopper called him incompetent and demanded his name and the customer service number so she could report him.During the event, students will need to showcase why they are a good fit for their preferred company via an elevator pitch to senior executives and founders of participating businesses.Conversely, each of the start-ups and companies will also get an opportunity to deliver a pitch promoting themselves as place to be for students looking to kick start their Med Tech career.But I also may be a perfect example of how technology has intensified people’s need for instant gratification.

I don’t know what a conventional way to meet a new person is. I don’t know how much information about a person you need to make a reasonable estimation of whether you’d get along, but I think it is more than Tinder gives you.

That is the traditional way to get know someone and I do have confidence in it.

Maybe I should have just suggested a lunch date or something?

But Valentine’s Day was coming up and asked myself, “What if I did want to meet someone? The conversations were not great, and I take full responsibility for that.

You choose whether or not you like this person and if you like each other, you can chat. Not to brag, but I matched with a couple of people.

The closest we got to having sex was when she began fondling my penis through my boxers, and I was too naïve to go for it, instead thinking, "Ah, she’s probably asleep and doesn’t even know she’s doing it"; the blue balls that ensued made me cum in my pants that night to rather pleasant and humbling dreams, I’d say.

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