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Ever since I started writing about being a single gay dad, I've had quite a few guys reach out to me to hear more about my experiences, as they too are interested in becoming a dad someday.

Our conversations usually cover what the process of becoming a dad is, the transition from being a single person to caring for a child, and a plethora of other topics around parenting as a gay man.

Thursday and 1am saturdays, so you don't want to include widows and widowers friends.

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Some sites asked for a lot of information while others simply required a picture and a blurb. Around the little one, your first amendment rights are suspended.

For those who saw my unabridged profile, I was the DAD (in bold and all caps). If I choose that nap over you, it's really nothing personal. Before coming out of the closet, code switching was our M. Many guys resent having to "act" after exiting the closet -- free speech and expression is a core value.

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