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Molly is successful, beautiful, and smart — as Issa points out in the pilot, she can charm both black and white people with equal ease — and is frustrated with dating the guys who aren’t in her league.

“Just because we have standards does not mean we’re difficult,” Molly proclaims at one point.

The online dating industry is a .1 billion business, with niche dating sites claiming more and more of that market share.

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He created the site as a safe space for Trump supporters to find love without fear of being discriminated against.“I’ve been waiting like three months to get approved for this.Now I can finally date dudes on my level.” In the new show, Rae is the titular “awkward” black girl navigating a mediocre job at a nonprofit and an unsatisfying long-term relationship; Orji is her BFF Molly, a successful lawyer still searching for the right guy.Twenty-year-old Barbara Li, a lingustics majorr from Nanjing University who works at a magazine in Shanghai, told The Times, “I’ve been single all my life.In high school, we were not permitted to have boyfriends.Your tech-support provider might not be able to fix your shattered smartphone, but at least she won’t shatter your heart.

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