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These may not be first steps (there are said to be missing drawings of heads by a nine-year-old Dürer), but they still carry flaws, and are little match for the woodcuts and the engravings also on display here.

Dürer always had a sure touch, a fact which works to his advantage when it came to making prints.

Bill Napier-Hemy (Pointed Sticks), Rodney Graham (UJ3RK5), Jade Blade (Dishrags), and Shannon Oksanen (visual artist) are Volumizer!

Together, with John Cody they've created a buzz-saw punk rock document that looks waaay back while standing firmly in the present.

In his woodcut of Christ’s flagellation, for example, the details are rich: a small boy blows a horn; one of the tormentors pulls Jesus’s hair while another ties up another sheaf of birch in great haste. Another woodcut shows men at a spa in which the strategic placement of a spigot and tap makes for one of the earliest art historical innendoes."Given where we are right now, these are the moves that make the most sense," Hahn said.Trades can still be made in August, but players need to pass through waivers."I think that we can still continue to move forward," manager Rick Renteria said.In a two-room show at the Courtauld, visitors can now watch a genius of the Northern renaissance growing up in public.That shouldn't be a problem if contending teams would need a starter such as Miguel Gonzalez or Derek Holland, or a reliever such as Jake Petricka, but the flurry of deals probably is over for an extended period.

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