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All of our Deluxe Rooms are 46 square meters in size, and contain either a king size or twin bed for maximum comfort.

This room contains a king size bed and a living room, a private balcony and a bathroom with a shower.

It’s important to note, however, that the larger overall population estimate for this area-- a density of 0.63 per 100 km of suitable habitat—is very low, on par with some of the most threatened tiger habitats in the world.

In fact, tigers are only believed to have survived in the area due to an early recognition of the significance of the Eastern Forest Complex in the tiger’s future and because of the Thai government’s long-term investment in anti-poaching law enforcement and partnership with organizations like Panthera and Freeland.

At camp we cannonball into the endless possibilities of life, as we share stories, silly games and the unknown… wherever you are is exactly where you are supposed to be.

redefining what it means to be connected to ourselves, one another and nature. Anything is possible when we give ourselves the chance to let go. This will not be a meet-up opportunity to make contacts that further your career.

Accommodations at comprises 122 guest accommodations suitable fo all ages, situated in our special design allows abundant space and privacy to blend harmoniously with nature. Each guest units are built all around nature abounds in a botanical haven wreathed with birdsong and filled with wild fruit, herb gardens and local species of trees.

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