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Allow all console updates to finish before beginning the installation. Let everything do its thing Please be sure that the entire installation is complete before launching the game.Starting the game before the installation completes can cause corrupt installations that can lead to crashes, freezes, and lost data.

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If your Internet connection's download speed is 10 MB, the download can take up to 11 hours.On a 30 MB connection, the download can take three hours.Learn more about downloading and installing games on Xbox One.I know they're not updated because, for example, the radios in Portal don't "receive transmissions" ;) The network setup is a little non-standard: I configured my laptop to bridge the XBox ethernet to the household wireless.But since it downloaded the system updates and confirmed the XBox Live account, I figure that connectivity is not the problem.Downloadable content If you have downloaded digital content but you are not seeing it in-game, you may need to completely close the game for the content to appear.

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