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After rigorous and extensive testing, NASA chose VSee to be the exclusive video chat telemedicine platform used by astronauts on the Space Station.

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This fact appears to have an effect on the female population's recovery; we wish to offer all of the population the same chance.

We’re here to help you create a telemedicine experience that’s as simple as shopping online.

Can a 3x3 magic square be made with different proper fractions so that all denominators are 9 or less? I was very impressed by Andrew Clarke's new polyform collection. A few years ago, I gave a passing explanation about how dice work (All objects will bounce around until they run out of energy, and as such can be modeled with matrices). I have several independent computer proofs that 11 X pentominoes cannot be placed on an 8x8 toroidal board. To decrypt his messages, they would shift each letter three spaces back. An internet search on caesar shift will bring up hundreds of websites.

Space War, a video game where two rocket ship orbited a black hole while blasting each other, turned 40 this week.

I much prefer the tack taken by places like, which offers awards to anyone that can crack their encryption services.

The sharing idea has resonated in a country where many people do volunteer work, and other retirement homes are coming up with their own variations on the theme.

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