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For this comment, it would scan through looking for certain characters including hashtags and an invisible one called a "Zero Width Joiner" which is usually used to combine two emoji parts (like "Man" and "Light Skin Tone") into a single combo-moji.Finally, it would take the letters that occurred after these flag characters, and use them to make part of a link where the malware would actually connect with its controllers.i Game Casino is an established online slot spot (since 2008), which now offers a live casino and video poker.They offer a growing list of jackpot slots from Microgaming, and Net Ent with a leaderboard of winners so you can stay informed of what is paying out.No Wonder He Takes That Willing Bitch And Gives Her The Anal Fucking Of A Lifetime (After Having Her Suck His Dong Of Cours Old Young Lesbian Love Doris Ivy Old And Young Old And Young!

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This Britney Spears Instagram post, in particular: Hiding among the hundreds of presumably innocuous comments is—or at least was—one by asmith2155, an account that now appears to be deleted but seems to have had zero followers or posts, according to Google's cache.

This comment contained a web address and according to ESET, the process for deciphering it required several steps.

First, the malware would scan the post, and apply some math to turn each comment into a number called a "hash." Then it looked for comments with a hash of 183, of which there was just the one.

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