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Being the capital of New South Wales, Sydneysiders are spoilt with the best of both beach and city life at their feet.

With over 100 beaches in Sydney, as well as top class restaurants, shopping and arts and culture, there's endless things to keep you busy in Sydney.

Yet, many Sydneysiders find it difficult to meet other singles in Sydney.

That's why so many single Sydnesiders are joining, to meet other singles in Sydney online dating.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Sydney has the highest number of singleton suburbs of any city in Australia, for both single men and single women, with 62% of people living in Sydney (State Suburbs) never been married.Amongst our success stories over the years, we have helped create many long-term relationships between people who, “on paper”, would not be considered a good match, or have little in common, or for some reason would not have given each other a second look, either online or elsewhere organically.Our members’ success stories are all created by a willingness to maintain an open-mind and a spirit of acceptance.Join Today Singles in Sydney, like other cities all over the world, find it hard to meet other singles they feel compatible to date.Busy work and social lives means many singles don't have enough spare time to concentrate on meeting new people, which is why online dating in Sydney has become such a popular way to date.You'll probably agree that we all live in a turbulent world nowadays.

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