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Next time, make sure they know you want to make a deposit and not a withdrawal.Not any different than any other physical characteristics. Short cats usually don't do that well in major team sports either, unless you can run a 4.2 40 or can dunk a basketball.When the same team took a survey of 181 college students, 29 per cent of women said they would feel “awkward” or “weird” dating a shorter guy, and both men and women in this sample were even more exacting about height: more than half of the women – 55 per cent – said they only wanted to date men who were taller, and 37 per cent of men said they would only go out with women who were shorter.But a preliminary new study suggests that shorter men might actually make better partners: They do a greater share of housework, earn a greater proportion of household income, and are less likely than their taller peers to get divorced.

This is true for the most part but you will still find girls attracted to short guys. That is to say, you might find mutual attraction, but you're kidding yourself if you don't believe she'd swap you out for a tall version of yourself if he existed.If you make it easy for them to ask you out, the more apt they'll be to do it."Making it easy means telling a man in the clearest terms that you are interested and wouldn't say no to a date," says Harlan Cohen, author of Getting Naked: Five Steps to Finding the Love of Your Life (While Fully Clothed and Totally Sober)."It's not because it takes the pressure off of them," said Christopher Brya, coauthor of WTF Are Men Thinking."Instead, it shows that you're confident, which is really the biggest turn-on." Many guys sense that the frequency of men making the first move (asking for phone numbers or dates, etc.) is actually diminishing.In a more methodologically sound experiment, a pair of sociologists found that 48.9 per cent of women restricted their online dating searches to men who were taller than them.

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