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In honor of the big day, here’s a look at this teen heartthrob through the years.

Of course, every precocious little kid has to grow up. JTT appeared on “Smallville” and he had a guest role on “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter” in 2004. More recently, Thomas has guest starred on a few episodes of “Last Man Standing,” where he was reunited with his former TV parents Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson from “Home Improvement.” He’s also done several film roles, too.

Ultimately, it turned out, Randy didn't have cancer and he only had to take a pill a day to keep everything fine.

"I wanted to go to school, to travel and have a bit of a break."During his decade away from stardom, he attended Harvard, Columbia and St.Granted, it's safe to say Jonathan Taylor Thomas has not lost touch with his Tiger Beat self. (and playing with himself), Fishman has continued to pursue acting, with roles in the 2001 film "A.Nineties TV star Jonathan Taylor Thomas turned 35 on Sept. (BTW, his real name is Jonathan Taylor Weiss.) Thomas rose to fame on the Tim Allen show “Home Improvement” in 1991 and stayed until 1998, co-starring in 179 episodes. This first set of images are obviously from the start of the Home Improvement era. Most kids are playing video games or maybe cutting the front yard to earn extra money at that age! According to Entertainment Weekly, Thomas will guest star in a March or April episode as the manager of a high-end restaurant where Allen’s daughter, Kristin, applies for a job. Tim’s sidekick Al, guest-starred as an architect earlier in Season 2.He’s only scheduled for one episode so far, but judging from the character description, there could be plenty more (assuming Kristin gets the job — or at least starts dating Thomas’ character). Early on, Randy was Brad's partner in crime and was quite a mischievous kid, going as far as to dig holes in the cemetery and tell Mark that bodies escaped, stealing money from orphans during Christmas, and even stealing a cookie packet from Jill's stash along with a cigar from Tim's drawer.

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