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His mother was a vocal teacher and his father owned a recording studio.Ramsay found the drummer, Ian Casselman, in a wanted ad in The Georgia Straight. Ramsay and Webb had to search for new band members after Ramsay Fiction didn't work out.Fernandes was also a judge on the TV show Karaoke Star Jr. Fernandes's second album, Automatic LUV, was released by CP Records on November 2, 2010, with the first single called "Automatic" featuring Belly. There are so much more before Jean Harlow, many more in between, the beautiful Dorothy Stratten, who has her own thread on here, she deserved it.

He has a younger brother named Jonathan and they are both the younger brothers of Canadian artist Shawn Desman (born Shawn Fernandes).At 16, Danny Fernandes won two consecutive Rising Star awards in the annual CNE dance contest held at Cherrytree Public School located in Brampton, Ontario, near Toronto.He became the youngest member of the Toronto Raptors' famed Dance Pak and began to appear regularly as a backup dancer in music videos. Exclusive photos from "The Milton H Greene Archives." AND NOW??? Dorris Day looked cute she could sing and she could act. A classic book-illustrated edition with ' Ben Hecht' and Joshua Greene. Personally, Jean Harlow was absolutely breath taking. Still the only Blonde Bombshell in my eyes is Debbie Harry, to date, she never copied images or changed her hair all that much. However all these women are unique in there own way.Girlicious is an American girl group featuring Nichole Cordova.

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